The Illusion of Movement

Join Peri Starr as she takes us to school on the history and innovation of animation, and the women behind the scenes. With future guests from all facets of the industry, you will hear interviews with animators, voice actors, character designers and more, as she honors the unsung heroes of this creative medium. With her conversational and pun-tastic style, interactive format, and endless enthusiasm for the craft, it’s a must-listen for fans and creators alike.

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Friday Jan 07, 2022

Allison and Peri Starr chat about arguably the most well-known female animator, due to her pioneering the industry at Disney in its golden age. Mary Blair's style has influenced generations of artists, illustrators and animators around the world, and her mark has been left on the world of Disney forever. 

Thursday Nov 18, 2021

Watch some of Lotte Reiniger's animation here:  Lotte Reiniger - Prince Frog Cinderella (Aschenputtel) —Lotte Reiniger, Karim Al-Zand The Art of Lotte Reiniger, 1970

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